March 4, 2015 Garden Club Meeting at Cheney Mansion, 220 Euclid, Oak Park, IL    12:30  meeting      1:00  Speaker

 Guests Welcomed                                          

Kirstin Larson Presents:

Go Wild in Your Garden: The Birds, The Bees, AND The Butterflies!   60 minute PowerPoint presentation,  The average American yard is a wildlife desert, and the natural areas that surround us are constantly shrinking as fields and woods are leveled every year for new housing developments.  But with a few simple steps, you can begin to create an oasis in your yard that will invite in the most amazing guests.  Learn how to help to maintain beautiful migratory birds and butterflies,, and they will reward you by returning year after year, literally bringing your garden to life with their incredible beauty.  Nurturing our troubled bee population is a stewardship task every gardener should embrace.   This presentation will bring together the hot new gardening trends of today: butterfly gardening, planting for pollinators, and backyard birds into one easy-to-follow study of why right now is the time to Go Wild in Your Garden!  Handouts providing detailed information on Native plant recommendations, including what pollinators and birds you might attract in using them.