Welcome Mary Anne

My family is going through the annual Spring cycle of graduations and a wedding.  Of course,  all of the usual remarks about leaving behind one life and moving forward into a new and wonderful future come to mind. I too am moving, literally to another state.  We are downsizing and casting off our home-owner way of life.  Hopefully my future will be wonderful and include travel and new crafts and not home repairs, painting and stress.

 I am, of course, ambivalent about moving away from my baby who was conceived in ignorance and confusion.  I had so many sleepless nights concerned with doing the right thing.  There are just so many “dummy” books you can read.  I had provided all of the security and protection I knew about and I had to finally let her move out of my office and into the mysterious unknown.  New people, far more skilled than I,  changed my baby’s visibility.  Under Dr. Marilyn Moore’s guidance over 100,000 people wanted access to her musings.  With that movement into the world wide web came predators: the unwanted viruses, google bots and malware.  It happens to the best of them, they tell me, even the Government gets hacked. This Grandma knows her limits.  It is time for someone younger and more experienced to take over.  Happy days.  Up steps Dr. Mary Anne Mohanraj an experienced writer, blogger, Professor, and very important to GCOPRF,  an avid gardener.  Mary Anne, our new web master, has already posted articles to our web site.Mary Anne_0405  Garden Club is very fortunate to have such a multi-talented person to provide her youthful outlook even as we approach our 100th anniversary. Let us all welcome Mary Anne.  I would be happy to have you all read her posts and leave a few comments.  A regular dialogue between the members and Mary Ann would be a great way for her to get to know us.  Good bye.   Have a great summer.

Linda Zwierz